Repair Error 0x80010135: Path too long in Windows

When extracting one of the installer zip files on my Windows 10 PC, I received the following error message: Error 0x80010135 The path is too long. I found out that Windows can’t accept a path to a file longer than 260 characters. Now we have no control over the files in the ZIP file because they are not yet extracted and so we cannot rename them to fix this error 0x80010135. But I can definitely give you an easy way to fix this bug immediately.

What are the reasons for the error 0x80010135: too long a path?

The error of extracting a long zip file is due to many reasons and we need to know about them to find the right solutions. Now let’s have a look.

  • The path to a file longer than 260 characters – the Windows 32 API library cannot support files longer than 260 characters.
  • Error 0x80010135 is a sign of your system malfunction.
  • Bad or unsuccessful software installation can lead to wrong entries in Windows system.
  • Malicious software or virus attack.
  • Incorrect system shutdown due to power failure.
  • Accidentally deleting a required file or system record.

Let’s take a short look at how to fix the 0x80010135 bug: the path is too long.

Try to unpack to the root folder

  • First, rename the file as a short version. This reduces the name of the file in the parent directory.
  • Now copy the file and move it to the folder C :. The idea is to try to extract the file to the root folder to reduce the path size.
  • Now extract your zip file to a new location. You won’t have any problems.

Change the 260-character limit in Windows 10

  • Import Regedit Go to the search box on the Windows 10 taskbar to open the registry editor window.
  • In the Registry Editor window on the left pane, go to the next button:
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SYSTEM => CurrentControlSet => Control => File System
  • In the right pane, find the LongPathsEnabled item and right-click it.
  • A window will appear on the screen. Change the DWORD value (32-bit).
  • Here you first change the value in these values from 0 continuous frame.
  • Finally, reboot your Windows 10 computer for the changes to take effect and correct the zip extraction error in Windows 10.

Update the driver

Outdated drivers may cause 0x80010135 error. Drivers are fragments of software responsible for various hardware blocks that make up the device.

Thus, driver updates can be a great way to solve a problem. To do this you need to run the Driver Software Update Wizard.

  • Enter the device manager in the search box and run the application.
  • Then go to Network Adapters and double-click on it.
  • In the drop-down list, find Realtek Pcle GBE Family Controller and right-click it. Select “Update driver software” to start the update.

Using the xcopy command from the command line with elevated privileges

Some users managed to fix the “Path too long” error by using the xcopy command from the command line with elevated privileges. Here is a quick guide on how to do this:

  • Use the start bar in the lower left corner to find “cmd”. Then right-click on it and select Run as administrator.
  • Insert the following command on the command line with elevated privileges and press Enter:
    • xcopy * Path to the source files * * Path to the target file * / O / X / E / H / K.
  • Note. Note that * the path to the source files * and * the path to the target file * are only placeholders for exact paths. Before pressing Enter, replace the placeholders with the actual positions.