Why do some people choose to be single

Being single means you are free to do what you want in life. You are free from someone from manipulating and everything. There is nothing a lot satisfying than being with not anyone else. In that case you are able to do what you want in your own time. Being single gives you an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. you are able to make things possible for you. A lot of people choose to become single because they want to know their capacity. they are independent enough to make their goals possible. What makes a single person special is that they are the people who are willing to do more about themselves. they have no one to think about or change their ways because of love.

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People who usually take time being alone is the kind of people that are confident that love will come when it is the right time. there is nothing to worry at all when it comes to everything. Their passion to get what they want makes it possible. Being single gives you peace of and less hassle. You are not obliged to something. Relationship is commitment and responsibility, it takes two people that can do both and if you are not that ready that’s fine. There‚Äôs nothing to rush when it comes to love. There is nothing to hurry at all because as you reached to the point that you got what you have to do love comes next. Wise people think that way, for them career is more important because love cannot feed your family. When you have a good job and stable life it’s easy to find someone to be with you. As you can see in this generation a lot of teenagers are in trouble because of being in a relationship in a young age and worst they got pregnant.

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When you messed up with life, love fades along the way and that’s the reality of life. No one wants to be with someone that all got is looks and no goals in life. we all want to be with someone that will give us a good life and the future and retire in a good life. if you are single now and making a career, that’s a great thing at all. never be discourage if a lot of people are settling down and being in a relationship, even if they keep pushing you to have one never do it if you are not ready. Never let other people’s opinion dictates your life. you have to do your own thing. Make the best of your life today. there is nothing more satisfying than giving your partner a good life in the end. Having no one today is not a loss, you are a looser if you have a bad life. People choose to be single because that’s make them who they are. They choose being single because it makes them happy. Nobody has the right to judge you.

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