Top 3 Most Dangerous Highways In Alabama

All highways have the potential to be deadly. As drivers step on the gas and hit high speeds of over 60 miles per hour,the risk of collision and other accidents is significantly increased. However,when it comes to Alabama,not all highways are equally dangerous. Some have been ranked the most deadly due to the number of accidents that have occurred. Knowing these highways can help you stay on guard when driving on them,according to the best [dcl=6637]. Below are the three most dangerous highways in Alabama.

1. U.S. Route 431

The U.S. Route 431 is a highway that runs through Alabama,Tennessee,and Kentucky,and it has been dubbed “The Highway to Hell” due to the high number of crashes that have occurred on the highway. The route is particularly dangerous on the stretch that runs through Alabama. It has been dubbed deadly and dangerous due to poor visibility,many curves and turns,and high speeds. This highway has been ranked one of the most dangerous in the world,and drivers should observe caution when driving on it.

2. Interstate 59

The section of Interstate 59 that runs through Birmingham is also one of the most dangerous highways in Alabama. The highway has seen fatal crashes over the years,including rollovers as well as single vehicle and multiple vehicle accidents. Severe injuries and even deaths have been witnessed in this section of the highway. High speeds and miscalculated lane changes are among the factors that have led to fatal crashes on this highway.

3. Interstate 65

Nicknamed “Malfunction junction,” Interstate 65 is also a dangerous highway that passes through Birmingham,Montgomery,Mobile,and Decatur cities. The interstate highway is considered dangerous due to the high number of vehicles that use it. The highway receives over 15,000 vehicles each day. This increases the chances of accidents,including rollovers,single car accidents,and multiple car accidents,which means a [dcl=6637] might need to get involved.

When driving on Alabama highways,drivers should observe caution to prevent accidents and fatalities. While highways create an opportunity to drive at high speeds,one should take care and slow down in areas with sharp curves and turns. They should also be careful when driving through places of low visibility,especially during times of inclement weather.

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